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The gateway at open.un.org is designed to facilitate access to transparency information from across the UN System and the UN Secretariat.

UN System Financial Statistics

Based on financial statistics from the UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB), these dashboards provide a basic overview of revenue and expenses across virtually all UN System organizations. CEB statistics form the basis of Reports on the Financial Situation of the UN System to the General Assembly and Reports on the Operational Activities for Development.


Sourced from audited financial statements, the data is aligned with the Data Standards for UN System-Wide Reporting of Financial Data.

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$ 60.5 B
Total UN System Expenses
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Countries and Territories Supported

UN Secretariat Expenses

Based on the UN Secretariat Annual Report, these dashboards provide an overview of the expenses of the UN Secretariat by General Assembly priority and organizational entity.


Sourced from data published in the UN Secretariat Programme Budget and audited financial statements, these figures are designed to provide a simplified view of UN Secretariat expenses to the general public.

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$ 14.8 B
Total UN Secretariat Expenses
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Number of departments, offices and other entities