UN Funding Compact

The UN Funding Compact marks a fundamental shift in how the UN and Member States enable the transformative, collaborative action needed to help countries achieve the 2030 Agenda.

UN Development System Funding Compact

In accordance with General Assembly resolution 72/279, the Funding Compact sets out ambitious commitments by Member States and the United Nations Sustainable Development Group to ensure predictable and flexible funding for United Nations development activities.

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 calls for transformative, collaborative action, and the United Nations must be at the heart of that effort by delivering cohesive and high-quality support, at scale, to Member States. For it to do so, however, significant changes in funding are imperative, as funding patterns have been characterized by a decline in core resources relative to overall funding, unpredictability and a rising share of tightly earmarked funds for specific activities.

At the same time, the United Nations development system commits to be more transparent and accountable for its spending and more effective and efficient in the use of limited resources. It will work more towards collective results within the United Nations and with other actors.

Such shifts are interdependent and mutually reinforcing: progress on each side enables progress on all. Individual and collective Member State behaviours, governing body decisions and specific United Nations entity actions all matter. That interdependence is captured in the funding compact, called for by Member States in General Assembly resolution 72/279 and responding to Member States’ request for “whole of United Nations” approaches through Assembly resolution 71/243.

Developed through inclusive funding dialogues and focused on development activities and funding, the compact articulates concrete actions and indicators for Member States and all entities of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group to implement such shifts and thus fully realize the Organization’s development strengths.

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